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E-Newsletter 4th Edition

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Your National City

Fall is in the Air

While the record temperatures lately don't make it feel that way, Fall is definitely in the air in National City. The kids are back in school, the sun is setting earlier each day and everyone is getting back into their routine after a long Southern California Summer. There is a lot to report on from National City with this edition of the newsletter and the main theme seems to be traffic and safety enhancements around town as well as art and education. November is coming up, so pay particular attention to the Proposition D article for an update from the city manager. Sit back. Relax. Above all, enjoy this Fourth Edition of Your National City News!

National City Takes Part in Safe Routes to School Program

As thousands of National City students return to school, our thoughts turn to there safety as they go to and from our schools. National City is taking part in an international program dedicated to ensuring child safety on their daily journey.

What is Safe Routes to School?

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement that works to increase the number of children walking and biking to school safely and can be found in many communities all over the United States. The City of National City, in partnership with the National School District and the community, started a SRTS program about 10 years ago. Recently, the City partnered with Rady Children’s Hospital to develop and support SRTS programs at all ten elementary schools in the District. The main focus of National City’s SRTS program is the creation of volunteer Parent Safety Patrol programs at each school.

What is the Parent Safety Patrol?

The Parent Safety Patrol is a group of volunteers (most of which are dedicated parents) who work very closely with school administration and staff, City staff, the National City Police Department, the Safe Routes to School team, and community members to keep students safe on their way to and from school. The Parent Safety Patrol also provides health and safety information to parents, students, and local businesses to make sure everyone is doing their part to keep our school zones safe. The National City Police Department and the SRTS team completed training for the first group of volunteers at the first four schools and will continue to provide ongoing support throughout the upcoming school year.

What does the Parent Safety Patrol do?

The main goals of the Parent Safety Patrol are to: 1) provide adult supervision along key walking routes to and from school, and 2) report safety issues. Volunteers are trained to be “expert observers” and watch pedestrian and driver behavior. Before and after school, the Parent Safety Patrol volunteers, wearing bright yellow safety vests and carrying clipboards, will be stationed on nearby street corners. You may see them writing notes on their clipboards when they see a safety issue or traffic violation. These notes will help the SRTS team create education and outreach materials for students and parents on their way to school. These notes will also be put into monthly reports for City Engineering and the Police Department to help them better understand and solve traffic problems around school zones.

How can I be a part of the Parent Safety?

The SRTS team has already started a Parent Safety Patrol program at Kimball, John Otis, Olivewood and Central Schools. Over the next few years we will continue to work with our partners to create and support Parent Safety Patrol programs at the other six elementary schools in the District, all with the same goal of keeping our children safe. If you have any questions about the Parent Safety Patrol program or would like to be a part of our team, please feel free to email or call the SRTS team at 858-576-1700 ext. 3784 or

Join the City of National City and the Safe Routes to School Team for a Bike Lane Celebration on October 16, 2014.

Check out this short promotional video as an example of work this program makes possible.


SDSU Sage Project Partners with National City

A new year of partnership
We've just begun our second year of partnership with the City of National City after a very successful pilot year! This Fall we have 18 faculty members and 18 classes with over 500 students participating in the Sage Project and engaging with projects in National City. In addition, several individual students are working on National City projects for independent study or master's theses. The disciplines include child and family development, city planning, geography, graphic design, engineering, exercise and nutrition science, management information systems, public administration, public health, recreation and tourism management, real estate and finance. Some of the main projects being tackled include district master plans; energy, waste and water; port industry and freeway impact mitigation; public records management and policy; microbreweries; sustainable business and tourism; and health, safety, and social well-being. To learn more, click here.

National City Fire Department Offers Fire Extinguisher Training

Understanding National City's
Bicycle Safety Enhancements

So much is happening around National City to help traffic, pedestrians and bicycles get along safely, it can be confusing to take it all in. To help, the city's Engineering and Public Works Department has produced a brochure to help you understand some of the new safety enhancements you are likely to see around town.

Click the Read More link below to see the brochure.
Read More

Community Update: Information About Proposition D

The National City City Council unanimously approved placing Proposition D on the November 2014 ballot to extend a measure previously adopted by voters in 2006, with no increase in tax rate.

Click here for more information about Proposition D

Employee of the Quarter: Renee Love

Renee Love has been a National City Police Dispatcher for 19 years. She is one of the department’s greatest and most valuable dispatchers. She is willing to jump in and help out with projects outside of her regular duties and does so with the highest level of enthusiasm and professionalism.

The police department began looking into purchasing a new ‘911’ phone system over a year ago and Renee took a leadership role in the researching the best system for National City. She attended meetings with other jurisdictions, conducting site visits to see the ins and outs of how the system worked and ultimately made a recommendation to the Chief. Renee became the point of contact for the various vendors involved with the installation and over saw the training for department staff all while serving the National City community as a police dispatcher.

Please join us in thanking Renee for her commitment to our community. Job well done, Renee!

Olivewood Gardens Hosts Happy Healthy Harvest

Saturday, October 25th: Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center to Host ‘Happy Healthy Harvest’: A Community Event to Teach Families about Healthy Living

Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center is celebrating International Food Day and Border Binational Health Week with the Happy Healthy Harvest, a free community event on October 25th, 2014. Children and adults are invited to attend and participate in cooking, gardening, games, and more!

The event will last from 10am to 1pm and will give community members a chance to visit the organic garden and engage in hands-on education. Programming will include make-your-own healthy snacks and drinks, planting, children’s lotería games, and more!

Olivewood aims to address community health concerns by giving families positive experiences with healthy food. According to San Diego County’s Department of Health & Human Services, National City’s rate of diabetes hospitalization and mortality is 2.3 times greater than the county average.

To participate in the Happy Healthy Harvest, RSVP online at: Olivewood Gardens is located at 2525 N Ave, National City, CA 91950.

Before the Happy Healthy Harvest, at 9am, Olivewood will be officially designated a Live Well San Diego Partner and by San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox.

About Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center

Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center is a non-profit that provides gardening, cooking, science, and nutrition education to National City children and families. More information is available at

About International Food Day

International Food Day takes place annually on October 24 to address issues as varied as health and nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare, and farm worker justice. More information is available at

About Border Binational Health Week

Border Binational Health Week (BBHW) is scheduled to take place during the week of October 6-10, 2014. Events will include forums on specific health-related topics in addition to activities sponsored by border partners. More information is available at

About Live Well San Diego

Live Well San Diego is an initiative of the County of San Diego to improve health, safety and well-being for all residents. More information is available at

A Reason To Survive (ARTS) Celebrates Second Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two years since A Reason To Survive (ARTS ) moved to National City and opened the doors of the ARTS Center to the community. It’s been a busy two years! The interior of the ARTS Center has been transformed by teachers and students into a colorful, creative, and inspiring place for children and families to come after-school and on Saturdays to engage in the arts and express themselves. The Center provides a visual arts department, music department, media arts department, industrial arts department, dance and theatre departments, as well as a community gallery to showcase the students’ work. The Center offers 30 classes and workshops each week to over 350 students.

The classes and workshops are tailored for students depending upon their circumstances and situations - therapeutic arts sessions, arts education classes, and apprenticeships and career opportunities for older students. It’s a one-stop shop for students to use the arts and creativity to achieve their life goals and dreams.

“Moving to National City was one of the best decisions we have ever made, says ARTS Founder, Matt D’Arrigo. Not only has the community welcomed us with open arms, but the partnership with the City itself is one that can become a model for other cities and organizations to learn from. We are humbled by the support of the community and proud of the incredible students that walk through our doors everyday.”

In addition to all the classes and workshops the ARTS Center offers to the community for free, it also has been active in engaging students in helping to beautify National City with public art and projects, such as Butterfly Park and 32 new artistic bike racks that will be appearing throughout the city in the coming months. This coming year will see a lot of new community art projects, including transforming the exterior of the ARTS Center, public art around the new U-haul facility on Civic Center Drive, community mosaic benches at the Veterans Memorial and Senior Center, banners along East 12th Street, and murals throughout the community.

ARTS looks forward to a bright future in the years to come partnering with National City. Visit their website today to learn more, register for classes, or see the latest news

Bonus Video!

The video below is an example of work made possible by the Safe Routes to School programs. (see top article)