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Department Policies and Training

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Policies & Procedures


National City Police Department - Policy Manual

National City Police Department - Procedures Manual



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Body Worn Camera Training
Crisis Negotiations Team
Gang Field Interview Training
Less Lethal Beanbag Shotgun
Nikon 5600 Camera Kit
Qualification Shoot
Rifle Training 16hr
Taser Certification
The 7 Things You Need To Know - Financial Crime Arrest/Prosecution
Undocumented Person
Mindful Resilience


POST Training

(Click here to view training materials on the below courses through the Peace Officer Standards and Training website)

Preventing L.E. Suicide
Domestic violence: It's your call volume 1
How do you copy? Dispatch Radio Technology
Domestic Violence: It's your call volume 2
Gangs: 186.22 for patrol
Crimes: Right to video officer
People v. Lazarus
People v. Kopatz
People v. Cunningham
Rodriguez v. United States
Search Warrant Writing Tool
Carroll v. Carman
People v. Romeo
Vehicles: Highway: Slow moving vehicles
United States v. Camou
Public Safety Omnibus
People v. Johnson
People v. Shamblin
People v. Velasco
People v. Brown
City of Los Angeles v. Patel
People v. Jones
People v. Linn
Guillory v. Hill
People v. Overing
Emergency Services: Hit and Run Incidents
Electronic Communications
Watercraft and drug paraphernalia
People v. Superior Court (Johnson)
People v. Lopez
Identity theft for patrol
People v. Johnson 2
People v. Nguyen
2016 Legal Update video
Mental health / Involuntary Commitment
US v. Sullivan
US v. Flores
Carrillo v. County of Los Angeles
People v. Shamblin
Restraining Order Gun Violence
In re Malik J.
Gun-Free School Zone
Vehicle Infractions and Misdemeanors: Arrests
United States v. Fries
People v. Gonzales
Transportation for sale
Student Materials Scenario Preparation
Gun Violence Restraining Orders: Transfers
US v. Cook
Electronically Motorized Boards
People v. Toure
US v. Moore
People v. Harris
Patel v. City of Montclair
Synthetic Cannabinoid
People v. Prunty
People v. Douglas
In re Joseph H.
People v. Elizalde
People v. Cunnigham 2
People v. Valencia
In re Art T.
Kingsley v. Hendrickson
People v. Kunes
Hate Crimes: Identification and Investigation
Marijuana Initiative
Use of Force
Command College
Sherman Block SLI