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About Us

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 About the National City Police Department


Our Mission

In partnership with our community, the National City Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of service and public safety. We will pursue this commitment with an unwavering resolve while always respecting the rights and dignity of those we serve.
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Our Values

Professionalism – In community service and the quality of our work through excellence and commitment.

Respect – The rights and needs of all. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Integrity – Firm adherence to the Code of Ethics of our profession with open, honest, clear and consistent messages.

Diversity – Is recognized, appreciated and brings strength, and we value our differences.

Employees – Are the foundation of our organization and our greatest asset. We embrace change and challenge ourselves to be the best.

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The City of National City was incorporated in 1887 and it is the second oldest city in San Diego County. National City was originally part of the 26,000 acre El Rancho de La Nacion which was purchased in 1868 by Frank Kimball. The National City Police Department began with the appointment of J.C. Crain as Town Marshall.

By 1935, the Police Department grew to twelve officers including the Chief of Police. The population grew to approximately 8,000 residents and the main business district was located along National Avenue, between 5th and 11th Street.

By 1954, The Police Department consisted of four patrol cars, two detective units, one under-cover vehicle, a combination patrol-ambulance vehicle, four motor-cycles, and a pound wagon. The National City Police Department grew from the days of the Town Marshall into a modern department with 34 officers including the Chief of Police.

In 1993, the new Police Station was built along the 1200 block of National City Blvd. Prior to this facility, the station was located in the basement floor of City Hall. Presently, the National City Police Department employs 92 police officer and 43 professional staff members serving approximately 59,000 residents in a nine square mile area.

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The current patch of the National City Police Department was designed in 1987. At the time, the police department was in the process of returning to the traditional blue uniform and it was felt a redesign of the existing patch, which dated back to the late 1940’s, was needed. Up to this point, the uniform patch had the eagle and shield which is symbolic of vigilance and protection. In the center of this shield were the city’s initials and on a scroll just below was the word “Police”.

The new design incorporated some of the old patch symbols embracing part of the department’s history and incorporated the Great Seal of the State of California. The combination creates a new vibrant patch that centrally features the Great Seal surrounded by rays of sun with two orchids, the City’s official flower, on the either side of the seal. Atop there is an eagle that represents bravery, strength, and integrity.

In the Great Seal of California, Minerva the Roman goddess of wisdom gazes over a miner that works near the Sacrament River. A grizzly bear rests at her feet and ships ply the river. The Sierra Nevada Mountains rise in the background. The greatness of California’s wildlife, agriculture, natural beauty, commerce and opportunity are all represented on the Great Seal. The state motto, Eureka, sits over the mountains and refers to the discovery of gold in California.

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