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Tutor Training

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Voices and Faces: Literacy in San Diego (2013). Watch this short documentary about the experiences of adult literacy learners in San Diego. 

Online Tutor Training Videos

More Resources for Tutors


  • Blank Literacy Lesson Plan
  • CLLS Tutor Training webcasts - Watch archived presentations about adult literacy.
  • LINCS Learning Portal - Free modules for adult literacy teachers and tutors. Covers many helpful topics, including teaching adults with learning disabilities (Learning to Achieve).
  • Logic of English Training Videos - A series of training videos on phonics and spelling by Denise Eide, author of The Logic of English.
  • Making Sense of English - A program for instructing learners at the low-intermediate level (about fourth to seventh grade reading level) who have basic sight word knowledge, the ability to make sense of relatively simple texts, and knowledge of the alphabet and letter sounds.
    • Overview - An introduction to the aims and scope of the program.
    • Lesson Plans - Use the table of contents on page 5 and the bookmarks in the PDF to find topics of interest.
    • Activity Book - Activities for learners that coordinate with the lesson plans.
  • Ultimate Phonics Lesson Materials - Word lists and sentences for over 260 lessons presented by the program, which is available on Literacy lab computers. Every tenth lesson is bookmarked for ease of navigation.
  • Ultimate Phonics Scope & Sequence- A brief outline of essential phonics concepts and a recommended presentation order.


Resources for texts and passages