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Reading Assessment Tools
Community members come to the literacy program with unique skills and needs. Learn about how to give an informal assessment - LINCS - Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles 

How to Search for Library Resources by Reading Level
Your task - Select reading materials that are relevant and appropriate for adults. Literacy staff will help guide you in the right direction. 
The literacy office has an easy reader display that is color-coded by reading level. This section includes fiction and non-fiction books. The main literacy collection includes fiction, non-fiction, and picture books for parents. We also have an audio book/print book collection.

How to Find Easy Reading Passages and Search by Reading Level

Activity and Lesson Ideas
There are a variety of tutoring tools available at the literacy office. Literacy staff will help you find the best resources. See the tutor training handbook to find recommended resources at the library, such as Lexia Lessons and Wilson Reading workbooks.

Selected Websites for Learners