Economic Development

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 National City is located at the center of it all in San Diego County. Approximately five miles south of downtown San Diego and eleven miles north of the Mexican border. National City encompasses a total of 9.2 square miles with San Diego to the North, Chula Vista to the South and the bay to the west. National City has a rich history dating back to 1887 and is the second oldest city in the county. This 140-year old city on San Diego bay embodies a proud and rich tradition of commerce, urban agriculture, production and transportation. It is not a stretch to imagine downtown National City emerging regionally as a vibrant urbane, cosmopolitan experience for residents and businesses. The expansion of Southwestern College, Brick Row and Kimball park, as well the new library, expansion, The National City Aquatic Center and many new development projects underway, or on the boards are a clear sign that National City has entered a “new era”.

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National City Demographics


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The U.S Census estimates the population for National City to be 61,060 as of July 1, 2016


  • Median Age: 31.1 yrs Old 
  • Number of Households: 16,851 ( SANDAG 2016 Estimates) 
  •  Average Household Size: 3.63 people
  • 51.3% Male, 48.7% Female
  • 72.3% High school graduate or higher
  • Median Household Income $41,437

Race/Ethnicity 2008

  • Not Hispanic or Latino 39.5%
  • White 13.2%
  • Black or African American  5.5%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native ,4%
  • Asian 17.4%
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific  Islander .5%
  • Hispanic or Latino 60.5%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, American Community Survey 2015, Census 2010

National City Insight Market Analytics and Void Analysis

Below is a description of the data provided in National City's Insight Market Analytics and Void Analysis

Download the full report here

Consumer Demographic Profile

Consumer Demographic Profile uses the STI: PopStats database with over 1,200 variables with a bottom-up methodology to deliver the highest accuracy level and dependable demographic data. The side by side comparison helps users visualize consumer changes as the market size differs.

Household Segmentation Profile

Household Segmentation Profile provides a deep understanding of consumer preferences, behaviors and habits. Utilizing the Personicx Lifestage database the report segments 70 household clusters into one of 21 Lifestage Groups and ranks the top 10 individual clusters allowing the user to identify the most concentrated groups with ease. The document includes links to the Personicx Online Guide that provides clients with an in depth summary of each group and cluster.

Employment Profile

Employment Profile provides insight on the employment market located within a specific trade area. The Employment Profile breaks down Industry Groups as well as Occupational sectors to allow an accurate evaluation of the daytime population and workforce for the defined region. Understanding the types of businesses and the types of workers that are positioned near key areas of interest can greatly influence decisions.

Consumer Demand & Market Profile (Void Analysis)

Consumer Demand & Market Supply Assessment examines opportunity/surplus gaps across 31 retail segments and 40 major product and service lines to provide insight on potential opportunities within a defined market. The assessment evaluates the overall trade area, not just an agencies boundaries, making it a useful tool to assist in development planning, recruitment strategies, and overall market analysis

Demographic and Socio Economic links for National City and San Diego Region 

Business Development Resources

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