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Get Juvenile Firesetter Counseling

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Is your child starting small fires?  Most likely, your child has set many other fires before the one that brought it to your attention.  Well, we can help with an evaluation and appropriate intervention.  Whether your child is merely curious about fire, making a cry for help, attempting to control the adult world, or engaging in delinquent behavior, it is extremely dangerous for children to use fire.  Children who use fire can be helped, but they must receive the right kind of help.  It is not a phase that they will grow out of.  Each child must be evaluated and given the correct intervention program.  Intervention programs vary, typically containing one or more of the following components:  education, psychological treatment, or community service.  If your child is playing with fire and is in need of help, please send an e-mail to or call (619) 336-4550.