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Get Vial of Life

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Do you have medical information handy in a medical emergency?  The Vial of Life (a.k.a. Lifesaving Information for Emergencies) is a program where you will provide your complete medical information for emergency personnel to reference during an emergency.  Knowing your medical information is important when you are not able to speak or remember the information. Vial of Life programs are commonly used by Senior citizens and are promoted by senior center organizations, but this life saving program can be used by anyone in need.  We can provide you with a plastic folder with a magnet on the back for you to attach on your refrigerator.  Inside the folder you will complete the form that lists your medicines or any physical problems you may have.  The Vial of Life program allows us to respond quickly to an emergency situation by accessing your medical history.  If you are interested in receiving a Vial of Life, please send an e-mail to or call (619) 336-4550.