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Waste Water

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The wastewater division maintains approximately 97 miles of sanitary sewer main, which consists mostly of 6 and 8-inch lines, 45 miles of closed storm collection systems and 4 pump stations.

Through effective preventive maintenance programs, the division's goal is to maintain the City's sanitary and storm sewer system in the most cost effective manner possible. This reduces health hazards, property damage, extensive repairs and cleaning costs from damages caused by sewer and storm drain back-ups. The entire main line system is normally cleaned on the average of once each year, using both a mechanical rodder and a hydraulic sewer line cleaner. The storm drain catch basins are cleaned one to two times per year. The wastewater division also has a sewer main line televising program to inspect the sewer system for potential problems and repair them before they happen.


Emergency service is provided day or night. In the event of main line blockages during the normal workday you can call (619) 336-4580 and the wastewater division will respond within an hour. If a citizen needs help after hours the National City Police Department can be called at (619) 336-4411 and our emergency stand-by crew will be dispatched.


This division is also responsible for marking all City-owned underground utilities in response to Underground Service Alert requests.

Sewer System Master Plan (PDF)

Sewer System Management Plan - Volume 1 (Final Updated Plan) (PDF) 

Sewer System Management Plan - Volume 2 (Appendices) (PDF)

Regional Water Reuse Plan 2013- memo (PDF)

Regional Water Reuse Plan 2013 (PDF)


Please email any comments regarding the Sewer System Management Plan to .

Dig Alert 1-800-227-2600


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