Parks & Tree Trimming

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 The Park Division performs weekly mowing and debris removal in all city-maintained parks and parkways. They also maintain landscaping for all city-owned facilities such as City Hall, Martin Luther King Jr Community Center, Library, Police and Fire stations. The Park Division repairs and maintains the irrigation systems, performs tree trimmings, cleans park restrooms, and empties trash cans in all parks throughout the week and on weekends.


 Urban and Community Forestry

On May 22, 2017, the City of National City was awarded an Urban and Community Forestry Grant in the amount of $650,800 through CAL FIRE to fund the purchase, planting and initial maintenance of 1,700 trees, to be performed by a contractor and completed by March 2020.  The trees will be planted Citywide based on the tree inventory, under the direction of the Park Superintendent.  Areas include, but are not limited, to El Toyon Park, Butterfly Park, Plaza Bonita Center Way, Marina Way, and other parks, vacant sites and community corridors throughout the City.


 As part of this grant, the consultant will perform outreach activities for residents wishing to plant a tree in front of their property. Once the trees are planted, the location will be geo-coded for each new tree location.

For additional information, please contact Victor Uribe, Parks Superintendent at (619) 336-4278.

Urban and Community Forestry  (PDF)

NC Volunteer Canvassing Guide (PDF)

NC Watering Agreement (PDF)

NC Volunteer Canvassing Guide - Spa (PDF)


Tree Trimming

The Parks Division performs daily scheduled street tree maintenance throughout the City and is responsible for trimming all city-owned street trees located in the City’s right of way (Parkway). The Parkway encompasses all areas between the sidewalk and the street curb.  Street tree maintenance is performed according to a schedule that is divided into ten grid areas.  A resident can look up the “National City Tree Trimming Grid Schedule”  to determine when trees at their street/residence is scheduled for trimming.

For information on the grid boundaries and the schedule, please click : National City Tree Trimming Schedule (PDF)

For assistance during work hours, please contact Public Works at (619) 336-4580.

For assistance outside work hours, please call Police Dispatch at (619) 336-4411.


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