Flood Prevention

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A combined effort from the National City Public Works, Police and Fire Departments will ensure a well prepared City. Although we cannot control the weather, we can mitigate potential flood impacts and respond in a timely matter. The City has developed a comprehensive plan to ensure major debris is cleared from our waterways prior to and after high tide and rainfall events. City crews are heavily monitoring the City’s flood prone areas. See National City flood map here.

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•Ensure your trash, debris and landscaping items such as leaves, bark, pebbles, etc. are properly secured to prevent from washing into street gutters and storm drains. Inspect and clear your rain gutters to keep them from overflowing. Loose materials can be moved by rainwater into our inlets and storm drains, which could cause backup and flooding.
•If your property is in an area that has experienced flooding in the past, be sure that important items like keepsakes, tools, and equipment are stored off the floor, and higher than the projected flood elevation.
•Use caution and slow down on roads and freeways. Be aware of road conditions and avoid driving through standing or moving water. Do not try to cross or drive over flowing water areas. If your car stalls, abandon it IMMEDIATELY and seek higher ground. Do not try and enter areas blocked off by local authorities.
•Keep your car fueled; if electricity is cut off, gas stations may not work. Avoid unnecessary trips.
•Stay informed by listening to radio or television for important information and instructions.
•Purchase or verify flood insurance coverage in your business, homeowner, or renters insurance and keep all insurance documents and other valuables in a safe place.
•Recycle rainwater in a rain barrel or cistern – reusable water is not only good to use for our lawns, plants and gardens, but you may be eligible for rebates as well! Visit www.socalwatersmart.com for more information.
•Please call the City Public Works Department if you notice debris blocking drains or waterways.


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