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Welcome to the Office of the City Treasurer

The City Treasurer is an elected official who acts as the custodian of all public funds belonging to or under the control of the City. The City Treasurer’s duties are mandated by state law and city policies. These duties include the receipt and safekeeping of all money coming into the Treasury, to comply with all laws governing depositing and securing those funds coming into the public trust, to pay out funds on checks/warrants signed only by those legally authorized persons and to submit monthly written Treasurers reports accounting for the receipts, disbursements and balances in the City Treasury to the City Council and other interested parties.

To view the City’s budget and annual financial reports, please visit the City’s Finance Department.

Mitch Beauchamp is a third-generation native of National City, California. He and his wife, the former Martha M. Gorham, were married in 1968 and have two daughters; Vanessa Beth (1976), graduated June 1998, University of California, Irvine, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa; EPA - STAR Fellow, Arizona State University, Tempe, PhD, Plant Biology July 2004; Riparian Scientist, U S Geological Survey, Science Center, Fort Collins CO, August 2004, profesor of biology Towson State University, Maryland 2008-present; and Nolina Lynn (1979), graduated June 2003, University of California, Irvine as a Regents' Scholar, BA, Criminology, BA, English, Phi Beta Kappa, English teacher, Buna Park High School, August 2004-present.

He graduated from San Diego State College in 1968 with a B. Sc. in Botany and in 1972 with an M. Sc. in Biology. He holds a Lifetime Teaching Credential in the California Community Colleges and pursued post-graduate study at City University of New York and New York Botanical Garden, NY from 1972 to 1974

He enlisted in the U.S. Naval Reserve Officer Candidate Program from March to August, 1968, Newport, Rhode Island and was commissioned as an Ensign, U.S. Naval Reserve, 23 August 1968, serving in inactive reserve status, Lieutenant (junior grade) August 1970 to August 1974 with service as Lt (jg) aboard USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875) Western Pacific and Viet Nam Conflict.

His first job was an a San Diego Evening Tribune Delivery Route Carrier, 1958-1963. Later he became involved his botanical interests at the Southern California Exposition, Del Mar, Flower Show Assistant 1964-67, 1971-3; Pomona Fair, Flower Show Assistant 1974-5; Agricultural Inspector, County of San Diego 1975-6; Pacific Southwest Biological Services, Inc., consultant biologist and owner, 1976-present; Tierra Madre Consultants, Inc., consultant biologist and owner. 1995-present; Sweetwater River Press, author and owner. 1986-present

He holds a California Landscape Contractor’s, C-27 License #5431247 and is a Certified Wetlands Delineator # 1697.

Due to his work as manage of FerrocarrilesPeninsulares del Noroeste in Tijuna and Tecate, Baja California, México, he holds Dual Nationality – Estados Unidos de México and United States of America

Mr. Beauchamp is the senior botanist and senior restoration consultant, as well as owner of Pacific Southwest Biological Services, Inc., Gila Biological Services, Tierra Madre Consultants, Inc. and Sweetwater River Press. He has participated in, or directed, over 3,000 biological studies for small, medium-sized and major private enterprises, as well as for local, state and federal agencies. Mr. Beauchamp’s firm has employed up to 40 persons in National City. Mr. Beauchamp is also an employee of the Mexican consulting firm, Ecologicál, S.A. de C.V. and from 2003-2004, and from 2002-2007 was general manger, Ferrocarriles Peninsulares del Noroeste. He is bilingual in Spanish and English, with some fluency in German and French.

He has published A Flora of San Diego County, California. Sweetwater River Press. 1986. 254 pp. and is currently compling a flora of the Baja California Peninsula in Spanish

Through his consulting firm, Pacific Southwest Biological Services, he has been involved with in-house biological impact assessment reports and prepared or supervised production of survey reports for over 3500 private and public development projects in Southern California.

Additonal publication to his credit are: California's Wild Garden-A Living Legacy, California Department of Fish and Game & California Native Plant Society, Phyllis M. Faber, ed. 1997. Chapters on Torrey Pine Forest and Otay Mountain Metavolcanic Peaks by RMB; Aliso 14(3):197-203. 1996. Baccharis malibuensis (Asteraceae): A New Species From The Santa Monica Mountains, California; Environmental Monitor, Spring 1994. Fire: The Recycler... The Reviver; San Diego Home/Garden 9(11): 65-127, July 1988. Special Report: Return to the Native.; San Clemente Island: Remodeling the Museum, pp. 575-8 in Conservation and Management of Rare and Endangered Plants, Proceedings for a Conference of the California Native Plant Society, Thomas S. Elias, ed. 1987. CNPS, Sacramento. 1987; Phytologia 46(4):216-222, July 1980. "Baccharis vanessae, a new species from San Diego County, California."; Espinas y Flores, San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society - miscellaneous short articles. 1979; Cactus and Succulent Journal 47(1):18-19, January-February 1975. "The Northern Limit of Bergerocactus emoryi."; Brittonia 26(2):106-108, April-June 1974. "A newSenecio (Compositae) from California."

Fremontia 1(1):14-18, 1973. "California's Channel Islands."; Madroño 21(6): 404, May 1972. "New Locality for Lavatera venosa."; California Garden - contributing editor. 1965-1967.


His public services involves being a member, Technical Advisory Committee, Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Department of Fish and Wildlife, appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. 2002-present

Director, Sweetwater Authority, appointed representative of the City of National City. 2002-2006

Councilman, City of National City, California. 1994-2002

Member, Joint Committee on Regional Transit. 1998-2002

Chairman, Member, MTDB/S D Unified Port District Metropolitan Freight Rail Committee. 1998-2002

Director, Metropolitan Transit Development Board, San Diego, California. 1995-2002

Member, Finance Committee, San Diego Trolley. 1999-2001

Sponsor, National City Girl's Amateur Softball Association Team. 1998-2002

Chairman, San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway-MTDB Ad Hoc Committee. 1998-2000

Director, San Diego Trolley. June1998-June 2001

Rey Mago - San Diego Railroad Museum, Reyes Magos Event, Tecate, B. Cfa., Mexico. 1998-2004

Vice-Mayor, City of National City, California. 1997, 2001

Board Member, National City Community Food Bank Board of Directors. 1996-2003

Director, Futures Foundation, appointed by Supervisor Cox. 2000-2003

Member, Otay River Valley Regional Park Citizens’ Adv. Comm., appointed by Supervisor Cox. 2001-2004

Chairman, Board of Trustees, First Baptist Church of National City, California. 1995-1998, 2000

Board Member, National City Living History Preserve (Stein Farm) Board of Directors. 1993-present.

Organist, First Baptist Church of N C, California 1989-present and First Congregational Ch, N C 1996-2004

Chairman, Planning Commission, National City, California. 1985-1988

Member, California Native Plant Advisory Committee, Department of Fish and Game. 1977-1986.

Member, Local Board, Selective Service System, South Bay, San Diego. 1977-1980, 2012-present


In additon he has been involved as Consulting Arborist, National Christmas Tree - Calculation of Weight of Engelmann Spruce for PCL for delivery to the White House, Christmas, 1996.

Director, Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association. 1981-1982.

Chairman, Public Information Committee, California Native Plant Society. 1980-1982.

Editor, Association of Western Native Plant Societies Bulletin, Hesperian. 1979-1981.

Editor for the American Plant Life Society journal, Herbertia, an international botanical journal of petaloid monocots. 1977- 1989.

EditorBulletin of the California Native Plant Society. 1977-1980.

Member, San Diego County Parks Advisory Committee, 1975-1980.

Member, San Diego County Off-Road Advisory Committee, 1974-1975.

Term of Office: 12-20-2016 to 12-15-2020