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Signage and Facade Improvement

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SFIP Stands for Signage and Façade Improvement Program. It's purpose is to assist local businesses with signage compliance and improve the appearance of existing businesses.

OUR MISSION Is to stimulate revitalization and private sector capital investment by proactively addressing deteriorating property conditions and encouraging improvements which increase economic vitality.

THE PROGRAM Reimburses owners of commercial buildings and businesses up to 50% of the total cost of eligible improvements, for a maximum reimbursement of $10,000 for a single commercial property (Standard Incentive) or $15,000 for a multiple address property (Multi-Tenant Property Owner Incentive). Applicants must NOT start work until receiving a signed approval from the City.


Eligible participants of the SFIP include property
owners and tenants of commercial properties.
A tenant who is leasing commercial space must
have written approval from the property owner to
participate in the program. Eligible participants must
contribute to the visual enhancement of the property
as viewed from the public right of way, employ 25
or fewer employees and poses a valid Business Tax

Property owners also agree to maintain the
improvements at his/her sole expense for a period of
five (5) years. The property owner/tenant must owe
no outstanding property taxes, fees, judgments, or
liens to any government entity. The property owner/
tenant must not have been convicted of a felony
crime in the past seven (7) years.

Eligible applicants may apply to the SFIP more
than once; however, applicants will not be awarded
funding more than once in any five-year period on
the same property. In addition, no property can be
awarded funding more than once in any five-year
period. If City code violations exist on the property,
the owner/tenant may apply to the SFIP but will not
receive any reimbursement until all violations have
been remediated .

Program Exclusions: national franchises, large
office buildings in excess of 80,000-square-feet,
residential rental buildings (apartments), home-based
businesses, structures not facing the public rightof-
way, banks, government owned and occupied
buildings, churches and other religious institutions.



NOTE: Final decisions of financial contributions, amount of grant and
eligible projects will be examined by staff on a case-by-case basis.

 Eligible Improvements

1. Exterior Signs

2. Awnings and canopies

3. Exterior painting, cleaning, façade repair

4. Plants and landscaping

5. Doors and windows

6. Façade and display window lighting

7. Fascia, tile, trim, metal work and other
decorative elements

8. Demolition of obsolete structures

9. Addition of a patio or outdoor space

Ineligible Improvements

1. Reduction to the size of masonry openings/
elimination of windows, or covering previously
uncovered masonry with paint, stucco, siding, etc.

2. Equipment

3. Roof repairs (other than those portions that
directly attach to a new or renovated façade

4. Security systems

5. Non-permanent fixture

6. Installation of razor wire, metal bars and solid
security grates

7. Personal property

8. Interior window coverings or any interior work

9. Parking lot paving and striping

10. Any items that are not allowed by the City
building code