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ADOPT-A-PLACE Supports individuals and organizations in the City of National City who want to take a more active role in the beautification of parks, streets, gateways, and public spaces.

OUR MISSION Is to increase awareness of our many public spaces & parks, encourage and recognize volunteer contributions and efforts and build community pride.

THE PROGRAM Is part of the National City Together We Can campaign encouraging individuals, businesses, community organizations and City Hall to work together in making National City cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful. We're making.


This program is intended for organizations or
individuals that want to participate on a more regular
basis to monitor and maintain a specific street or area
of the city. Organizations sign up to clean a specific
area of the city at least four (4) times per year.
Adopted areas must be ½ a mile long or more. As
part of the program, the city will provide a one-time
training, cleanup supplies and help with coordinating
trash pickup.

1. Application Process. The organization shall
identify a representative(s) to serve as the
primary contact person who will meet with
Public Works and a Housing and Economic
Development (HEDD) representative to review
program requirements and identify the area(s)
that the group would like to adopt. Provide
Commercial General Liability Insurance with
minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence
and $2,000,000 aggregate covering all bodily
injury and property damage arising out of
its members’/employees’ participation in the
program. The organization will complete the
“Adopt-a-Place Application” (A), the “Adopt-a-
Place Agreement” (B), and the “Adopt-a-Place
Indemnity Form – Group/Organization Form”
(C), review "Safety Guidelines" (E), Complete
"Signage Recognition" form (F) and identify
an area no less than 1/2 a mile long from the
"Preferred Areas" list (H). Organizations will be
recognized via their name/logo on the permanent
sign or banner for participation in the “Adopta-
Place” program within thirty (30) days after
the first cleanup and submitting their “Event
Summary” (G).

2. Collection Schedule. The participant will
provide the City with dates that litter collections
will be held in order to track progress. Although
litter collection is normally done away from
traffic, advanced notification will allow the City
to alert police and other City officials about the

 3. Supplies. Participants will receive a cleanup
kit that includes safety vests, a broom, shovel,
bags, gloves, dustpan, bucket and a littergrabber.
Since this is an ongoing effort, the
organization is encouraged to reuse gloves and
vests as much as possible.

4. Disposal of Litter. The City will identify with
the organization specific locations where bagged
litter will be placed for the City to promptly
collect and dispose of after each collection event.
Alternatively, the organization may arrange for
small amounts of bagged litter to be set out for
collection through the City’s weekly residential
trash collection program or at the organization or
participant’s place of business.

5. Work Safely. Participants must follow the
guidelines listed on the “Adopt-a-Place Safety
Guidelines” (E). The work of volunteers should
be a positive experience, but dealing with trash
and litter in public areas has risks. Since the
safety of volunteers is crucial, the City urges
participants to use common sense and care
when participating in the “Adopt-a-Place”

6. Report Results. Reporting volunteer hours and
the amount of material collected is a key part
of measuring success. Organizations should
complete and submit the “Adopt-a-Place Event
Summary” (G) after each event.

7. Leadership Changes & Discontinue Adoption.
The primary contact person must notify the
City and update records if there is a leadership
change. If the organization desires to discontinue
the adoption, the primary contact person
should notify representative from Housing and
Economic Development and the agreement will
be terminated.


2019 Participants




 KiRe Builders

Adopted Area: Highland Ave, 8th Street-30th Street

Paradise Creek Educational Park Inc. (PCEPI)

Adopted Area: Paradise Creek Educational Park