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Homefront to Waterfront

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National City was once historically connected to the waterfront, but over the decades, the waterfront has evolved as a working waterfront with restrictions that no longer allow the public to access the waterfront edge. This waterfront area is dynamically changing and is currently the subject of many studies and planning efforts. The City of National City would like to help coordinate these projects and efforts as well as suggest ideas of how the City and its neighbors could connect with each other, connect with jobs and improve the way to the waterfront for those parts of the waterfront that are still open to the public.

The Navy plays a critical role in this planning effort because the waterfront that supports the mission of the Navy is also supported by the adjacent homefront.


Supporting Objectives

  1. The City of National City recognizes the potential synergy between its desire to improve and grow the Downtown Specific Plan area as well as the Old Town west side area, with employment and recreational aspects of the waterfront.
  2. The Navy is an important partner to the City of National City and the City believes it could be a destination for sailors and their families in terms of housing, childcare support, retail shopping, services, and other important functions.
  3. The Port of San Diego has similar goals and needs for mobility and access to the area’s infrastructure.
  4. MTS and SANDAG have provided transit services and the City has provided customers to the area’s transit system and wishes to continue working with and supplementing mobility choices in the area.
  5. Regional connections for bicycle facilities rely on National City for choices both north and south as well as east and west feeder lines to the Bayshore Bikeway. The City wishes to support these regional connections with local mobility components.
  6. In its efforts to make Downtown National City more economically diverse and successful, the City of National City has changed its planning policies and development standards to encourage development and to entice investments for supporting increased housing options, affordability, and mobility alternatives. This includes the desire to attract sailors, seniors and students to live and shop in the downtown area.
  7. The City of National City recognizes the need to balance parking with the needs of other users of the street including biking, walking and transit use.
  8. Curb management is important to the downtown area since on-street parking is scarce and needs to be used efficiently while at the same time making sure the City is ready for innovations and changes in parking infrastructure and parking demand.
  9. The City has continued to coordinate with Caltrans and the City of San Diego as well as with SANDAG to accommodate the smart growth and smart mobility needs of the area.
  10. The City wishes to encourage clarity in its roadway network, legibility in its wayfinding, choices in mobility, and access to transit, while protecting the resources and citizens of its neighborhoods.


Research and Recommendations - Micromobility, Mini-Hubs & Neighborhood Electric Vehicless


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