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Calvet's Operation Welcome Home

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Operation Welcome Home

Operation Welcome Home helps California Veterans successfully re-enter civilian life by connecting them with employment, education, health, housing, and other benefits and services they have earned.

CalVet’s Operation Welcome Home works to contact returning veterans, assesses their needs, and get them connected with the benefits and services they have earned through their military service. Although the program targets returning veterans, CalVet provides service to veterans of every era. 

CalVet’s Operation Welcome Home referrals help:

  • reduce homeless numbers
  • reduce unemployment numbers; 
  • increase participation in federal VA programs, federal unemployment benefits, and federal VA compensation and pension programs; 
  • increase veteran enrollment in California colleges and universities; 
  • increase early detection of PTSD and other conditions that can lead to domestic violence, unlawful behavior, and suicide.

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CalVet Helps Veterans in Civilian Life

For the 30,000 men and women who separate from military service and return to California each year, the transition to civilian life can be very difficult. Many who serve in the military return home only to battle unemployment, homelessness, depression, substance use disorder, marital problems, post traumatic stress disorder, and other significant physical and emotional issues. Even veterans who have been out of the military for decades sometimes still struggle with these issues. Tragically, a rising number of veterans who do not get the assistance they need timely commit suicide.

But thanks to the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet), veterans from every era can get the assistance they need to successfully move forward in life. CalVet reaches out to veterans, assesses their unique needs, and gets them connected to the employment, education housing, and health benefits and services they have earned through their military service. Besides providing valuable information, assistance, and referrals, CalVet can help veterans navigate the often complicated and frustrating benefit application processes.

Requesting CalVet assistance is easy! Veterans complete and submit a simple registration form found at  Someone from CalVet then contacts the veteran to begin providing assistance. Alternatively, a postage-paid mailer version of the form can be requested by calling CalVet at 1-877-741-8532.