Vice Mayor Albert Mendivil

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Albert Mendivil is a retired elementary school principal and a life-long public servant in National City. He is a strong believer in seeking to serve rather than to be served. After graduating from Sweetwater High School and San Diego State University, he returned to National City to serve the community as a teacher, principal, and member of the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. In addition to his responsibilities as a City Council member, he serves on the Boys and Girls Clubs Community Council, SUHI Lives Alumni Service Organization, Senior Nutrition Center volunteer, and Maytime Band Review Committee. As a teacher and principal, Albert worked hard to earn the trust and respect of the staff and families he served. He successfully led three schools in the improvement process and consistently left his schools better than he found them. His schools’ achievement data always improved significantly under his leadership. As a principal one of his favorite motivational strategies was to invite successful community members to inspire the students with their personal testimonies. He invited individuals such as Adrian Gonzalez (Padres), Moses Moreno (Chargers), Zeke Moreno (Chargers), and Leonard Villareal (journalist). Albert is now respectfully thanking the community for putting their trust in him to lead the city forward as a National City Council member. His deep roots in the community will enable him to have his finger on the pulse of the citizens as he did for many years as a teacher and principal. The wisdom and experience he has acquired through his education and career will enable him to be an effective City Council member. To contact Councilmember Albert Mendivil please call (619) 336-4238 or e-mail