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Ron Morrison is the fourth directly elected Mayor of National City, CA. He was elected in November 2006, after 14 years as a Councilmember. Mayor Morrison has provided leadership in key positions at not only the local level, but also regionally, state, and nationally. Mayor Morrison has advocated for his constituents to give them a voice and an opportunity for positive change from within the city government. Mayor Morrison has worked hard at making National City a safer, cleaner, and stronger city.

Mayor Morrison is currently serving as the Immediate Past President of the National Congress of Governments (NARC) and is the President of the California Congress of Governments (CALCOG). He is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Sweetwater Water Authority (SWA), Chairman of the San Diego Regional Solid Waste (RSWA) and Immediate Past President of the San Diego League of Cities (SDLOC). He is a member of the Board for Directors for the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) (Former Chairman) and the San Diego County Water Authority (CWA). Because of Mayor Morrison’s governmental activism, National City has been able to bring back many resources through ideas, and grants that have increased ten fold since his taking office.

Mayor Pic 2As Mayor of National City, Morrison has aggressively pursued an agenda of making National City one of the greatest cities in San Diego County. His goal is to give National City long-term fiscal sustainability and promote economic growth. This includes the $130 million expansion of Plaza Bonita mall, which provided hundreds of new jobs to the City. Also, as a part of the enterprise zone National City has been able to attract new businesses such as Nordstrom’s Rack, The Marina Gateway Plaza Hotel and Sonic Drive-In. Mayor Morrison was quoted stating, “Everything we do should be geared toward getting more quality jobs for the citizens of National City.”


Under Mayor Morrison’s leadership, National City has increased its rank in the affordable housing market. National City is ranked number 1 out of the 18 cities in San Diego County for having the most affordable housing. In 2010, National City jumped from 40 units per 1,000 households under the median income to 250 units. Mayor Morrison is doing his part to help out residents by working with city, regional and state officials in the continuation of sustaining National City’s affordable housing market.

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Since 2011, the number of National City schools meeting California’s Academic Performance standards has doubled. A research institution at San Diego State University named National City’s own Granger Junior High School among the best urban schools in the country. Through Proposition O, National City was able to reconstruct Sweetwater High School, which restored the school back to its original design of a three-story building with a modern twist.

Mayor Pic 4Since being elected, Mayor Ron Morrison’s initiatives have brought in an additional $15 million in order to improve National City’s roads by adding new asphalt, reconstructing sidewalks and fixing potholes. In 2012, Walk San Diego awarded National City with the Most Walkable City in all of San Diego County. Mayor Morrison is working hard to provide National City convenient, hassle free transportation to surrounding San Diego cities, which includes bus, taxi, trolley, car, bicycle and boat.

Since 2006, the crime rate for National City has dropped 25%. In 2008, National City was homicide-free. National City is the first municipality in the county to have motion-activated cameras in nonresidential areas. In 2009, the Mayor and City officials introduced a Police Mobile Command Vehicle to the city. The acquisition of this vehicle was an example of Mayor and City Council’s effort to making Public safety a priority in the city of National City.

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The National City Marine Terminal, located on the National City waterfront, is the most advanced vehicle import/export facility on the West Coast. It is a first-rate facility for special heavy equipment, major project cargo and the primary port for cars imported to the United States. Proud and protective, Mayor Morrison is fighting vigorously for National City and its fair share of port property and opportunities.

Mayor Pic 6Before being elected to the City Council in 1992, he fought for residential property rights, led political campaigns against outside interests, and battled City Hall regularly. Before being an elected official, Ron Morrison served 25 years as a union blue-collar worker, so he understands what it means to be a working family in National City. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Morrison was referred to by the Los Angeles Times as ‘National City’s community activist’, and by the San Diego Union as ‘National City’s Sixth Councilman’. Rolling up his sleeves, pitching in, and leading by example has always been a part of Ron Morrison’s character, whether it is working on complex governmental issues, organizing a neighborhood, cleaning up an alley or hauling trash for seniors.

Mayor Ron Morrison has been the recipient of numerous civic and humanitarian awards. The award he is most proud of is seeing the positive changes in National City and the quality of life for its residents. The citizen turned Councilman turned Mayor is driven to make National City a better place because of his strong roots, dedication and commitment to the people of National City.

Ron Morrison’s favorite quote is, “Proud to be Mayor of National City.”

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