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Sewer Service Charge

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adjustments to Sewer Services Charges (PDF)

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adjustments to Sewer Services Charges - Spanish Version (PDF)

Presentation on Sewer Rate Study (PDF)

Background Report on Sewer Rate Study (PDF)

Sewer Rate Study (PDF)


 Information about your Sewer Service Charge

 The City of National City provides sewer services to about 9,000 customers. The Sewer Service bill is collected along with property taxes. Sewer bills are monthly flat rates based on water consumption of domestic water. For commercial and industrial users, the monthly chargers are variable and based on water consumption and on the strength of the sewer they generate (low, medium or high – see attached table for rates). 


The costs of sewer bill reflect the charges sufficient to support your sewer service including the cost of wastewater collection, transportation and treatment.


For its part, the City of National City works diligently to reduce internal costs and continues to be one of the lowest cost sewer service providers in San Diego County.

 Sewer Service Charge
   Fig 1 -   Metro Member Agencies Sewer Rate Comparison 7 Unit Water Use and 3/4" Residential Meter Sewer bill effective January 2016 Blue bars denote water based sewer rates; purple denotes EDU based rates


National City Sewer Services Rates for FY 2004, 2005, and 2006

Residential Flat Rates




(per month)





Single Family Residence




Multi-Family Residence




Mobile Homes




Commercial Variables Rates (per HCF)

Suspended Solids/BOD


Strength Category


Strength Range

Commercial- Low

< 200 PPM




Commercial-Medium Low

201 to 280 PPM









Commercial- Medium

281 to 420 PPM




Commercial -Medium High

421 to 660 PPM




Commercial- High






Commercial sewer service charges are based on 90% of the metered water consumption as measured in HCF (hundred cubic feet). All commercial properties are charged a minimum sewer service charge of $234 per year. Residential sewer service charges are flat fees. Rate Classification assignments are determined based on land use data, permit data, and or building use surveys completed by the City.

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