Welcome to the Engineering/Public Works Department

Kuna Muthusamy, P.E.
Assistant Director of Engineering/Public Works 
(619) 336-4383 

1243 National City Boulevard 
National City, CA. 91950-4301 
Phone: (619) 336-4380 
Fax: (619) 336-4397 

Engineering is responsible for managing and delivering the City’s capital improvement program, which involves planning, engineering, budgeting, and construction of all capital improvement projects. Engineering provides plan review services; processes boundary adjustment plats, street right-of-way easements, dedications, parcel maps, and tract maps; plans and implements the storm water discharge program; administers the City’s pavement management system; manages the undergrounding of overhead utility lines; provides engineering staff reports and recommendations to the City Council, Planning Commission and committees as required. Engineering maintains professional working relationships with the citizens of National City; community organizations; local business owners and private developers; local, state, and federal agencies; consultant engineering firms; and contractors. Engineering also coordinates with the City Manager’s Office and other departments regarding project development and community services, including public safety and quality of life. 

Public Works is made up of four divisions: 1) Parks, 2) Streets, 3) Facilities, and 4) Sewer. The Parks Division maintains the City-owned parks, street trees and parkways. The Streets Division maintains City streets including painting, patching and sweeping the City streets and alleys. The Facilities Division maintains and operates City buildings, structures, including utility and custodial services. The Sewer Division maintains the City's sewer systems and transportation and treatment of sewage. Additionally the Divisions maintain general purpose vehicles, police unit and fire apparatuses.