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Facility Rental

A “Facility Use” application must be submitted at least 30 days before an event for approval by the Director of Public Works.  Insurance will be required either through using organization insurance, insurance acceptable to the risk manager, or through the purchase of event insurance through the City with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.  Please click on the "Field and Facility Rental Information" page for pictures and rental information. For additional information including fees, please contact the Public Works Department (619) 336-4580. 

For more information, please refer to City Policy # 803

Note: Private Events (i.e. weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc.) are not permitted in any City owned facilities.


Field/Facility/City Park (Astrojump Permit) Application (PDF)

Facility Use Application Martin Luther King Jr. (PDF)

 Martin Luther King Jr. Building
 140 East 12th Street

 North Room (4,875 square feet)
    Room limits:
        Dancing/Assembly= 350 people
        Dining= 225 people

 South Room (1,625 square feet)
    Room limits:
        Dancing/Assembly= 160 people
        Dining= 75 people

 Both Rooms (6,500 square feet)
    Room limits:
        Dancing/Assembly= 510 people
        Dining= 300 people

 Parking spaces= 52

Extra large kitchen can also be rented.  It includes      large refrigerator and freezer, three gas ovens, one gas range, one gas griddle, icemaker, and microwave.




MLK North
North Room

MLK South Room
South Room

MLK North2
North Room (alternate view)

 Kimball Senior Center
 1221 D. Avenue

 Room Limits:
 Dancing= 357 people
 Dining= 166 people

 Parking spaces= 89

Main Hall
Main Hall

 Casa De Salud
 1408 Harding Avenue

 Main Hall (1,211 square feet)
 Room limit= 108

 Street parking only

 Refrigerator, stove, and microwave.

Casa Main Room
Main Hall

 Camacho Recreation Center
 1810 East 22nd Street



Camacho Gym

 Kimball Recreation Center
 148 East 12th Street


Kimball Main Room
Main Room

 Kimball Park
 12th and D Avenues



Kimball Park Baseball Field
Baseball Field

Kimball Ampitheatre/Field

Kimball Park Playground
Kimball Park Playground

 El Toyon Recreation Center
 2005 East 4th Street


El Toyon Main Hall
El Toyon Main Hall

 El Toyon Park
 2005 E. 4th St.

El Toyon MP Field
El Toyon Sports Complex