Library Board of Trustees

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About the Library Board of Trustees

“The Library Board of Trustees coordinates the activities of the City Library; advises the City Librarian on operational policies; approves warrants; and recommends to the City Council the adoption of rules and regulations, as it may deem necessary for the administration and protection of the City Library.”  The Library Board of Trustees is regulated by Education Code Section 18910 ET SEQ., Ordinance 1062 and Resolution 8210.

Five members are appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Council for a three year term. The Library Board of Trustees meets the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM at the Library at 1401 National City Blvd.

Those interested in serving on the Library Board of Trustees can pick up an application at the City Clerk’s Office at 1243 National City Boulevard, (619) 336-4228.  Applicants must be residents and registered to vote in the City of National City.

Deborah Hernandez, President
Margaret Godshalk, Member Trustee
Gloria Bird, Secretary
Raymond Juarez, Member Trustee
Vacancy, Member Trustee

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